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UNDER THE MASK sesto episodio di UC RE 0096 online su Daisuki

under the mask sesto episodio di UC RE OO96 online su daisuki“UNDER THE MASK” sesto episodio di Unicorn Re 0096 online su DASIUKI.
La nuova serie televisiva di Gundam (Che ricordiamo è il frutto del montaggio con aggiunta di parti inedite del celebre omonimo OAV di 7 episodi Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn trasmesso dal 2010 al 2014) prosegue con il sesto episodio, online sul portale !
Di seguito la sinossi di questo episodio in inglese tratta dal portale

    ” Removing his mask and revealing his face, Frontal requests the cooperation of Banagher, who can activate the Unicorn Gundam. When Banagher refuses, Angelo berates him for killing one of his subordinates. As Banagher struggles with the knowledge of his guilt, Marida takes him to shrine inside Palau. Meanwhile, the Nahel Argama prepares for an operation to recapture the Unicorn Gundam. Captain Otto is frustrated by his impossible orders from staff headquarters, but Daguza, the commander of the operation, asks him to also think of it as a mission to rescue Banagher. A Federation Forces spy notifies Banagher of the upcoming surprise attack, and he is appalled to learn that Palau will now become a battlefield. At the same time, Micott discovers that Riddhe, having gotten to know Mineva, plans to help her escape to Earth. Learning of Mineva’s resolve, Micott lets them go.”

Ecco il link del sesto episodio intitolato : UNDER THE MASK
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